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The package consists of three executable module:
  • AccessBasedDesktop.Processor.exe - command-line utility, for update users' desktops
  • AccessBasedDesktop.Agent.exe - Winforms application agent automatically updates desktops and allows to edit options using GUI
  • AccessBasedDesktop.Service.exe - Windows Service that performs the same functions as the AccessBasedDesktop.Agent.exe (except for the GUI elements)

All of these modules use the same configuration file Options.Xml. Default configuration file located in the same directory as a program. Below are the typical contents of this file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Options xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <DesktopSourceDir />
  <DomainName />
  <ExcludedUsers />
  <ExcludedRoles />
  • the <WatchForChages> element specifies whether agent and service modules have to track changes in desktop source directory
  • the<DesktopSourceDir> element is a path to desktop source directory. If this element is empty then program uses "Desktop" subdirectory of program directory
  • the<JornalEventCodes> element defines security log events codes, on that the agent should update desktops. Code values ​​are comma separated. You can specify a range of codes, the lower and upper limits of which are separated by "-".
  • the <TimerInterval> element specifies the interval in seconds for automatically update timer. A value of 0 in this element disables the timer.
  • the <DomainName> element specifies the name of the domain (the computer). A empty value of this element meanes the name of the computer executing the program.
  • the <ExcludedUsers> element specifies a list of user accounts excluded from desktops updates process. List separator - comma
  • the <ExcludedRoles> element specifies a list of security groups excluded from desktops updates process. List separator - comma

After configuration file was changed, you have to restart the agent and service modules (to restart AccessBasedDesktop.Service.exe use computer management console)

AccessBasedDesktop.Agent.exe module allows to change the options in application window:

Due to the fact that for the normal operation the service AccessBasedDesktop.Service.exe requires full access to the desktop folder, the service should be executed under a computer administrator account. Therefore, after the deployment of the program, it is necessary to change the settings of the service. Using the Computer Management console, open "service" section. Open the properties of the AccessBasedDesktop service, in the field "This account", enter the logical name of the administrator user in the "Password" and "Confirm password" - the password. After that, start the service.


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